Muslim Memo focuses on issues faced by present-day Muslims across the world. We publish content related to Islam in general, and Muslims in particular.

As such, we discuss current affairs, be it Islamophobia in the West or illiteracy and poverty in Islamic heartlands. Beyond that, Muslim Memo also publishes articles and other relevant content about the Islamic way of life. You will also find that odd poem or video here, about something that is directly or indirectly related to Islam.

The aim here is to look at things from a “Muslim”, or rather, “Islamic” perspective. Muslim Memo tries to stay aloof from fake propaganda, silly remarks and above all, factual inaccuracies — all of this is too common in mainstream media, and we strive to be better and different.

Muslim Memo is a not-for-profit publication — you will not find advertisements anywhere on this website, nor will we persuade you to purchase stuff from our affiliates, and we surely will not compel you to sign up in order to browse the website.

That said, Muslim Memo’s sole goal is to make the voices of Muslims audible — to stand tall as a Muslim mouth-piece! And, in the process, we wish to please Allah (Subhanahu Wa-Ta’ala).

Muslim Memo is currently managed by:

  • Sufyan bin Uzayr
  • Mohammad Hussein Saffouri

Former members:

  • Anjum Ara
  • Nooriya Jamil

Wish to be associated with Muslim Memo? Yes, we are actively seeking volunteers who can help us accomplish awesome things, InshaAllah. Please feel free to get in touch.

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