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Bushra Fatma is a student of English Literature. She likes to read, draw, write and indulge in other creative endeavours.

How To Deal With Stress

How To Deal With Stress: An Islamic Prescription

There are various ways to deal with stress. The first step is to have faith in Allah. As stated in The Quran 53:43 — “It is He who makes us...

/ October 13, 2016

Inspiring Muslim Women: Aixa al-Hurra

From the earliest days of Islam, Muslim women have been and continue to be active leaders in the community. Aixa al-Hurra was one such lady known for her bravery and...

/ September 8, 2016

Seeking Happiness: A Guide For Muslims

Every human being has the right to be happy and each one of us tries our best to seek happiness. Happiness is when you are mentally, emotionally and physically stable....

/ August 29, 2016