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O Breeze! Turn Towards Medina by Nizamuddin Auliya

O Breeze! Turn Towards Medina

Hazrat Nizamuddin Auliya (1238-1325 CE) was a renowned Sufi saint of South Asia. He stressed on the importance of working for the betterment of the poor and weaker masses, and generally kept himself away from

The Importance and Virtues of Surah ar-Rahman

The Importance and Virtues of Surah ar-Rahman

Surah ar-Rahman is named after one of the most beautiful Names of Allah. This Surah shows examples of Divine Grace and reiterates the importance of various Gifts of Allah. This article mentions the virtues of

Violence Against Rohingya People

Violence Against Rohingya People: Brutality in Myanmar

For long, we have heard about the violence against Rohingya Muslims of Myanmar (Burma). But what exactly is the issue about? The violence against Rohingya Muslims is symptomatic of a long and oppressive history of

Hz Hud and People of 'Ad

Lessons from Hz Hud (AS) and the People of ‘Ad

Allah had sent Hz Hud (AS) to the people of ‘Ad. The people of ‘Ad lived in a land called al-Ahqaf (Sand Dunes). Now, it is a desert, but that wasn’t the case always. The

Sabr in The Quran 94:05-06

Seeking Patience: The Virtues of Sabr

Many say that patience is a virtue, and indeed it is. As a virtue, it holds high moral standards that are derived from integrity, honor, and purity, and for us Muslims these teachings come from

The Importance of Seeking Knowledge in Islam

Islam attaches great importance to knowledge and learning. In fact, it is the duty of every Muslim to seek knowledge whenever and wherever possible. In other words, Islam teaches us that seeking knowledge is a


Say: “Allah is Enough For Us”

While my heart recited the verse: “And if they turn away, say: Allah is enough for me, there is no god but He; in Him do I place my trust, for He is the Lord

no racism

No Racism in Islam: “The Believers Are But Brothers”

The believers are but brothers, so make peace with your brothers. And fear Allah so that you may receive Mercy. The Quran 49:10 (Surah al-Hujurat) Racism is an old issue, yet it is still prevalent in our society


Are We Prepared For Death?

Death is a reality from which none of us can escape. It draws nearer and nearer with each passing minute. So I pondered: if I were to die today, have I already done all that

Thou Art The Only Giver

Khwaja Abdullah al-Ansari al-Hanbali was a famous Sufi poet and saint who lived in the 11th century in Herat (then part of Khorasan, now known as Herat province, Afghanistan). He was well-known for his Arabic