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Jamil Isimbabi is a Muslim from Nigeria who believes Islam will never be comprehended fully until we return back to the understanding of the Sahabah and the Righteous. Jamil is also a freelance architect.

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Back To Islam: Muslims Should Not Forget Their Faith

Many Muslims around the world seem keen to adopt alien thoughts and ideas, while being unaware of the greatness of their own religion. However, it is time we turned back towards The Quran for guidance. Should we not try to emulate the

Alcohol And Other Haram Intoxicants

There is a delusion currently widespread in the Ummah nowadays that while alcohol is considered Haram, other intoxicants such as cannabis, psychedelics, stimulants, etc. come under a ‘not as Haram as alcohol’ category. We should be aware that Satan incites

Thoughts on Events That You Shouldn’t Attend

Indeed all praise and glory is due to Allah the Almighty, Lord of the Alamin, Creator of the heavens and earth. Whoever Allah guides none can lead astray, and whoever Allah leads astray none can guide. And peace and blessings