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Nooriya Jamil is the former News Editor at Muslim Memo. She is a software engineer and works in the IT industry.

Nellie Massacre, 1983: A Hate Crime Against Muslims

18 February, 2016 marks the 33rd anniversary of one of the worst-ever genocides committed in post-1947 India against Muslims in Assam, that is, the Nellie Massacre. Three decades have passed, and not even a single assailant has so far been

Women in Islam: Oppressed or Liberated?

Many opponents and critics of Islam, due to their bias or ill-informed knowledge, claim that Islam oppresses women, and denies them their due rights. Many such “scholars” wrongfully claim that Islam treats women differently or unjustly, or unequally. The media too


Remembering The Rights of Our Neighbors

Other than our family members and relatives, the closest people to us are our neighbors. As such, upholding and respecting the rights of our neighbors is one of the most important obligations and duties for Muslims. Generally, we are mindful of the