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O Breeze! Turn Towards Medina by Nizamuddin Auliya

O Breeze! Turn Towards Medina

Hazrat Nizamuddin Auliya (1238-1325 CE) was a renowned Sufi saint of South Asia. He stressed on the importance of working for the betterment of the poor and weaker masses, and generally kept himself away from the company of nobles and

Free Syrian Army soldier walking among rubble in Aleppo

A Cry of Truth Suppressed: A Poem for Aleppo

A cry of truth suppressed, Is heard without being expressed. Blood red hues of lost humanity Pierce human consciousness and sanity. The lava of hatred and deception Erupting from the volcano of grave injustice, Misuse of power over the defenseless

The End is Near

The End is Near

Each soul with its share Of felicity, melancholy and mirth Is bound for a time, Everlasting ain’t earthly life. Like bubbles destined to burst, Like pebbles destined to hurt. Engaged in a test, each soul Of health, wealth and relations.

The Slipping Sands of Time

The Exact Time He knows, When we’ll meet. Life is short for preparations, With uncertain final decorations, Like sand we slip through life’s watch glass, Silently seeping with gradual movements. With kohl of gratitude tears, Mascara of modesty, Lotion of

Poem: A Dawn of Hope

A Dawn of Hope

Dust I was, floating in air, Given an identity by Creator’s Care. Flying seed I was, craving for land, Given a golden ground by His Guidance. Fake glitters charmed me too, Devilish desires harmed me too, Unbridled freedom marred me


The Holy Month of Ramadan

Blessed breeze of Ramadan, Enriched, uplifted level of Iman. Hearts lightened up with Allah’s love, Rahmah rains from the Heaven above. With fresh, golden goodness let’s fill our carts, And add a shimmer to our bruised hearts. Let’s break free from worldly


Say: “Allah is Enough For Us”

While my heart recited the verse: “And if they turn away, say: Allah is enough for me, there is no god but He; in Him do I place my trust, for He is the Lord of the Mighty Throne.” My

Thou Art The Only Giver

Khwaja Abdullah al-Ansari al-Hanbali was a famous Sufi poet and saint who lived in the 11th century in Herat (then part of Khorasan, now known as Herat province, Afghanistan). He was well-known for his Arabic and Persian poetry, as well

khubayb ibn adiy

In Memory of Khubayb ibn Adiy (RA)

In the early days of Islam, the Battle of Badr was one of the most decisive and important turning points in history. However, following their defeat in the Battle of Badr, the anger of Quraysh knew no bounds, and they sought


The Voyage Home

For too long, we have been adrift on the open sea. Far, far away from home. Unprepared, we are humiliated by these storms. Our small boat, sails broken, a victim to the winds Cross currents, too strong for our thin