Berke Khan and Golden Horde
Featured Berke Khan: The Mongol who Stood for Islam


The End is Near

The End is Near

Each soul with its share Of felicity, melancholy and mirth Is bound for a time, Everlasting ain’t earthly life. Like bubbles destined to burst, Like...

/ November 7, 2016

The Slipping Sands of Time

The Exact Time He knows, When we’ll meet. Life is short for preparations, With uncertain final decorations, Like sand we slip through life’s watch glass,...

/ September 19, 2016
Poem: A Dawn of Hope

A Dawn of Hope

Dust I was, floating in air, Given an identity by Creator’s Care. Flying seed I was, craving for land, Given a golden ground by His...

/ September 1, 2016

The Holy Month of Ramadan

Blessed breeze of Ramadan, Enriched, uplifted level of Iman. Hearts lightened up with Allah’s love, Rahmah rains from the Heaven above. With fresh, golden goodness let’s fill...

/ June 24, 2016

The Voyage Home

For too long, we have been adrift on the open sea. Far, far away from home. Unprepared, we are humiliated by these storms. Our small...

/ October 7, 2015

Bosnian Victims

This is a poem about the Bosnian Conflict. Learn more about the conflict and genocide on this page. Two young women shield their faces; children...

/ September 19, 2015