A Dawn of Hope

Poem: A Dawn of Hope

Dust I was, floating in air,
Given an identity by Creator’s Care.
Flying seed I was, craving for land,
Given a golden ground by His Guidance.

Fake glitters charmed me too,
Devilish desires harmed me too,
Unbridled freedom marred me too,
Weak intentions charred me too.

But the vanity clouds washed off in tears,
As if from a lion’s jaw, escaped a deer.
As if a person got free from worldly prison,
And the light of his soul passed through a prism.

Quest is best for the determined soul,
Is the first one to reach its goal.
Guidance dawns upon those who find,
And don’t let their eyes go blind.

What are we but creations at test,
Oft who ignore what’s best.
The invisible enemy attacks from all sides,
And in dark hearts it cozily resides.

Yet Allah’s doors of Mercy are open to all,
Ask for His Help and be saved from fall.
Nature’s at your service as an Emblem of His Love,
And His Throne rests high above.