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Hijab: A Soothing Shade of Faith

Modesty is a virtue that we humans have been endowed with. The purpose of Hijab is to safeguard modesty. Hijab acts as a sign of submission to Allah, reminding ourselves of His infinite Blessings and Mercy. Islam equally ordains both men and women to observe Hijab.

The Importance of Hijab for a Muslimah

Hijab is not just limited to a piece of clothing wrapped around a woman’s head. It starts with eyes and goes deep into the heart and covers both appearance and inner beauty. The Hijab of eyes is about not letting the eyes commit Zina by looking at forbidden things.

Hijab of mind ensures that no evil thought develops after the whispers of Shaytan and is also about the awareness that Allah is the All Knowing and Observant of what goes on in our minds. Of all the good deeds, Taqwah is the dearest to Allah. It is Taqwah that ensures that we walk on the straight path and stay righteous. By observing Hijab, a person can achieve ultimate control over his/her physical as well as mental state.

For a Muslimah, the decision to wear Hijab becomes an act of defiance against the worldly ways of life. At times, her own family will oppose her. At other times, she will encounter several hurdles. She will be told “who will marry you”, “don’t look too religious”, etc.

It is rather tragic to see how many of us Muslims are trying to please this temporary world and ignoring the Almighty Allah. People who adopt a particular set of lifestyle as per societal norms end up being criticized anyway. So why even bother to compare people’s approval with that of Allah the Creator? Honestly, pleasing Allah is easier than pleasing the world.

Women who want to be known for their outward appearance live in constant fear of not getting fat, or hair not looking good enough, etc. Hijab keeps their self-esteem high and minds free from worldly shackles. The act of covering ensures preservation of beauty. Wearing Hijab does not guarantee that the woman is free from all errors and has attained a higher position. It is but an effort to please Allah and to strive against one’s Nafs. A Muslimah must not judge others as being low on faith. The beauty of faith is that it is a matter solely between a human and his/her Lord.

Indeed, Hijab symbolizes a soothing shade of faith that is a source of tranquillity. It creates a feeling of nearness to Allah and provides protection against all forms of evil. May Allah bless us with the noble conscience of adherence to our beautiful Deen!

To cover is to crown oneself,

And follow the road to Paradise.

To cover is to preserve the sheen,

And obey the Ever-Seeing,

And achieve the best in both the worlds.

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Anam Fatima

Anam Fatima is currently pursuing her Postgraduation from University of Delhi. She has authored three poetry collections and has a keen interest in writing poems, blog pieces, book reviews, etc. She aspires to expand her knowledge and make it beneficial in both Dunya and Aakhirah and balance the two worlds in the best way possible.

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