5 Valuable Lessons From The Life of Prophet Adam (AS)

5 Valuable Lessons From The Life of Prophet Adam (AS)

There are many life lessons that we can learn from lives of each of the prophets. This article discusses five life lessons that can be learned from the life of Prophet Adam (AS).

The story of Prophet Adam (AS) teaches us many valuable lessons about things that we encounter daily in our lives.

5 Valuable Lessons From The Life of Prophet Adam (AS)

1. Shaytan: Our Worst Enemy

When Prophet Adam (AS) and his wife were in Jannah, there was a certain tree that they were forbidden to touch. However, Shaytan came after them daily, imploring them to try just one fruit from the tree. Keep in mind that he never directly told them to disobey Allah! He just kept telling them it was the tree of eternity and immortality to make it appealing to them, then stood back as they ate from the tree. Thus, they were banished from Jannah, and Shaytan got what he wanted.

2. Sincerity Matters

It is important to be sincere in our daily doings. This stems from the story of Habil and Qabil’s sacrifice to Allah. Once, both of them had to make a sacrifice to Allah.

Now, Habil owned sheep and Qabil owned fields of wheat, so they were each to take what they had and give it as a sacrifice. Habil took the best of his sheep in sincerity, but Qabil wanted to get over with the sacrifice so he picked the worst stalk of wheat. Long story short, Allah accepted Habil’s sacrifice, and rejected Qabil’s. In anger, Qabil killed his brother. Later, he regretted it, so Allah sent a crow burying his dead brother to show Qabil what to do with Habil’s body.

3. Repentance is Important

After Adam (AS) and Eve ate from the forbidden tree, they immediately regretted their mistake and began covering up themselves in humility. They repented to Allah and He decided to forgive them, which goes to show the importance of repentance after committing a mistake.

4. Arrogance is Bad

When Allah first created Prophet Adam (AS), He asked all the angels in Jannah to bow down to him. At the time, Shaytan was allowed in Jannah. However, when it came time to bowing down to Adam (AS), Shaytan refused, stating that he was better than Adam (AS) because he was created from fire and Adam (AS) from clay.

As a result, Allah told Shaytan to leave Jannah forever. But Shaytan had one request, namely, that he is permitted to misguide humans until the Day of Judgement. Allah granted that request, telling Shaytan that he and his followers would be put into Hell for the sins they have committed.

5. Have Faith in Allah

When Prophet Adam (AS) was sent to Earth, it would have sounded to the average person like a horrible disappointment. Earth, in spite of its beauty, is nothing compared to Jannah!

However, Allah had a plan, which was that humans would continue to inhabit the Earth. Thus, here we are today, all because Adam (AS) was banished to Earth. Our lives in itself are a part of Allah’s Greater Plan. Whatever happens, we should never lose faith in Allah. Just like Hz Adam (AS), we should always bear in mind that Allah’s plans are better than ours.

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