Lessons from the Life of Prophet Ayoub (AS)

Lessons from the Life of Prophet Ayoub (AS)

Prophet Ayoub (AS) was a righteous servant of Allah (SWT) and His Prophet. Being a model of patience and perseverance, his story is told by Muslims all over the world to those who want to comfort those, who are troubled and suffering.

He was one of the noblest Prophets of the Most High (SWT) in the world among those to whom Allah (SWT) revealed His Revelation and inspired the truth from Himself. The Quran twice refers to the story of Ayoub (AS) – in the Surah called “al-Anbiya” and “Sad”.

Prophet Ayoub(AS)’s Trials

The Surah al-Anbiya reveals the essence and details of the story of the Prophet Ayoub (AS). Thus, thanks to the Verses of the Holy Quran, you can recreate a complete picture of what happened to him.

At the beginning of his story, Prophet Ayoub (AS) was rich, but afterwards he lost his wealth. He was healthy, but after he became sick. With a large family living in peace, Ayoub (AS) lost it all overnight. But he remained patient, not complaining to the Allah (SWT). He did not grumble about the will that Allah (SWT) had ordained for him. His patience was excellent, even though his trial lasted for many years.

As a result, all those who had previously remained near abandoned him for reasons of simple profit. He lost his close and distant friends, his relatives turned cold. And only Ayoub’s wife and two of his most loyal friends remained by his side. Friends visited him regularly, trying to support him in his grief.

He bore his trials patiently and no matter how long it lasted, did not weaken in the least. As a result, as a reward for his patience and submission to the will of Allah (SWT), he received comfort and deliverance from Allah (SWT), if he only asked the Allah (SWT) for help by praying to him. In response to his prayers, the Almighty (SWT) returned his children and his possessions, peace reigned in the family, and his body was healed. The story of the Prophet Ayoub (AS) has become a parable. People all over the world tell it to each other, calling him Allah’s Prophet (AS), the leader of the patient.

Ayoub(AS)’s Illness

What is patience? Do not think that “to endure” means to sit idle and do nothing and hope that one day these problems will be solved by themselves. Not at all! Indeed, a believer always relies on Allah, the Most High (SWT), and then looks for ways to solve their problems. Allah (SWT) grants such trials to make us stronger, and the believer is never discouraged when these trials come to him. He is always relying on Allah (SWT) to look for opportunities. For example, if he gets sick, he is looking for a cure. If he runs out of money, then the believer is certainly looking for opportunities to earn it. Relying on Almighty (SWT), a person seeks the best way out of the situation in which Allah (SWT) placed him.

Ayoub (AS) soon lost everything he had. The money was barely enough for food and clothing. But Ayoub (AS) was calm when he saw this, as if he was full of grace, he only thanked Allah (SWT) and made prayers. But diseases attacked the children of the Prophet of Allah (AS). One by one they passed away. The house, once filled with children’s laughter and joy, fell into a dead silence. But no matter what happens in Ayoub’s life, he still continues to praise Allah (SWT). He was still a generous and reliable Prophet of Allah (AS). Although he suffered the heavy loss of children and property, never remained indifferent to other people’s troubles.

Many people began to avoid the Prophet (AS). They thought that Allah (SWT) cursed Ayoub (AS) and therefore He was sending misery and deprivation upon him. However, the noble and patient Ayoub (AS) knew that all trials were only temporary and that Allah (SWT) would never send a believer difficulties that he could not bear. Ayoub spent his days and nights praising Allah (SWT) and, as before, relying only on His mercy. All the numerous relatives left Ayoub (AS), except for two brothers.

Ayoub(AS)’s Healing

And remember when Job cried out to his Lord, “I have been touched with adversity“, and You are the Most Merciful of the merciful. So We answered his prayer and removed his adversity, and gave him back his family, twice as many, as a mercy from Us and a lesson for the devoted worshippers.

(Quran, 21:83)

Ayoub turned to Allah (SWT) with a prayer, in which he asked the released from the misfortune that had befallen him. And then Allah (SWT) answered his prayer and delivered him from the troubles that had been sent upon him.

Ayoub (AS) learned about the cure when he went to relieve himself outside his village. But he was so weak that he could hardly move, and therefore his wife always accompanied him, holding his hand. And only in a certain place did his wife leave him, and he moved on on his own. On the day when Allah (SWT) answered the prayer of Ayoub (AS), the Prophet tarried longer than ever. And then the Most High (SWT) commanded him to strike the earth with his weak foot, and when he had done this, a spring began to stream from this place in the earth. And then the Most High Allah (SWT) ordered the Prophet Ayoub (AS) to drink this water and bathe in it. Then, with this water all his ailments and illnesses, both external and internal, went away. His vigor and strength returned to him.

His wife was surprised to see how he returned to her. He was strong and fresh. And she didn’t even recognize him at first, and only the apparent resemblance to her husband caught her attention. And not only did Allah (SWT) restore him to health, but also his wealth and children returned to the Prophet Ayoub (AS). There were two clouds, however these clouds did not carry water, but silver and gold. And a miracle like this, no one in the world has ever seen. One cloud poured them into the barn, which was intended for wheat, and the second cloud emptied its contents in the barn, which was intended for barley, and two of the floor was filled to the top with silver and gold.


There are many lessons and benefits which we can learn from the Hadith about the Prophet Ayoub (AS). The life of Prophet Ayoub (AS) teaches that it is important to keep Faith in Allah (SWT), Iman, unshakeable in your heart. Any patience will be rewarded both in this world and in the future world with good.

His life also shows by the example of Ayoub’s devoted wife and friends who did not leave him in his illness, visited him, that people learn in trials and difficulties. And there are not many truly loyal friends, but they will definitely be found for everyone in every corner of the world.


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