In The Lucidity Of A Solemn Silence

In the lucidity of a solemn silence
The night overtook those who transgressed.
Nations we liberated and others we built
As shelters for masses oppressed.

Our hearts resounded with a hungry pulse
To make real what was already instilled;
And then His Will became our own
Potentiality, sought and fulfilled.

Souls that were owned by the Owner of all
Yearned to disrobe their outer attire.
Where martyrs lay sleep on the mattress of war
Haunted no more by the nightmare of fire.

As Umar stood in the shade of a tree
The Crown of Persia was swept.
Then one of her leaders addressed you and said,
“With justice you ruled and safely you slept.”

“Lie down and roll over, O man of Rome!”
Wrote Mu’tasim once upon a time,
In defense of your sister who called out his name
An army prepared to punish the crime.

That was a time when men were men,
Who lived solely to die in battle
What moves you, then, but food, drink, and sleep?
(So much in common with sheep and cattle!)

Now do you hear the screams of torture
A six year old boy sent to the slaughter,
Have you not seen twenty three soldiers
Each take a turn with Abdullah’s daughter?

Bosnia, Kashmir, Kosovo, Iraq
Meaningless slogans, “Injustice must stop!”
A billion sleepers, the dormant giant,
Til when shall the Muslims be so compliant?

Heads that prostrate to Him, the Most High
Now, by the sword, they are chopped,
While you snore in your slumber, comfy and snug,
Rock-a-bye baby on the tree top.

One more is killed, another is raped,
The Ummah drowns into a panic.
Yet only one wall divides you from them,
That great blue wall, the Atlantic!

Each wave splashes forth with news of sorrow
Upon rocks as hard as your hearts.
Where death becomes life and life becomes death,
Where the dead from the living depart.

How will you fare when that Day seizes all,
As, now, you refuse to do what you can.
Then be not suprised when you look down and see
The blood of Muslims on your own hands.

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  1. Dear Brother Hisham Mahmoud
    You could have extended your list to include Palistine,Syria,Chechnya,East Turkistan.But above all you could have said that each and every Muslim country is ruled by groups which are actively waging war against Islam.The description you give to these groups identifies them in Ayah47.12 :<>So the Quran already ranges them with the enemies of Islam. The Umma is well and alive and it is fighting back.

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