O Breeze! Turn Towards Medina by Nizamuddin Auliya

O Breeze! Turn Towards Medina

Hazrat Nizamuddin Auliya (1238-1325 CE) was a renowned Sufi saint of South Asia. He stressed on the importance of working for the betterment of the poor and weaker masses, and generally kept himself away from the company of nobles and richer people.

Hazrat Nizamuddin Auliya spent most of his life in Delhi. He was a prolific poet, and given below is a poem composed by the Sufi saint himself. English translation by Rahat Hasan. 

O Breeze! Turn Towards Medina

O breeze! Turn towards Medina (and) from this well-wisher recite the Salam.

Turn round the king of the prophets (and) with the utmost humility recite the Salam.

Sometimes pass the gate of Mercy (and) with the gate of Gabriel rule the forehead.

Salam to the prophet of Allah (and) sometimes recite Salam at the gate of Peace.

Put with all respect the head of faith on the dust there.

Be one with the sweet melody of David and be acquainted with the cry of anguish.

In the assembly of the prophets recite verses from the humble being ‘Nizam’.

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