The Night of al-Qadr

The Night of al-Qadr

The night is pleasant and calm as a dove,
Love-filled birds flying up to their nests,
As the trees sway in glee above,
The sky is lighted without reflections, without rays.

It was a night of peace and stillness,
The night in which sins are forgiven,
The gates of goodness are open,
Rewards are multiplied, and matters are facilitated.

The sky split, angels descend,
In order for our good deed to ascend,
All the blessings of Allah are append,
It was a time of salvation, until the dawn rises.

It was a special night of remembrance and devotion,
A single act of compassion bring a thousand months of blessings,
Performing a charitable deed for many future rewards,
Allahumma Innaka ‘Afuwun tuhibbul ‘Afwa fa’ fu ‘Anni.

A prayer mat is set.
While fulfilling good deeds and asking for forgiveness,
Praying for our loved ones and those with less fortune
The Grand Night is better than a thousand months,
Peace… This until the rise of dawn!

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