16 Oldest Masjids in The World

Minaret and courtyard of Ummayad Masjid, Damascus (Syria)

Ever wondered about the oldest masjids in the world? If the answer is affirmative, you have come to the right place.

In this post, we have enlisted some of the world’s oldest masjids, in order of their respective age (the oldest one comes first, followed by the next oldest masjid, and so on). 

16 Oldest Masjids in The World

1. Masjid al-Haram, Mecca (Saudi Arabia)

Masjid Al-Haram, Mecca (Saudi Arabia)
Masjid al-Haram, Mecca (Saudi Arabia)
Image: Maria Alexandra

Masjid al-Haram is the oldest and largest masjid in the world surrounding the Holy Ka’abah. Prophet Ibrahim (PBUH) and his son Prophet Isma’il (PBUH) raised the foundation of the Ka’abah, as mentioned in the Quran.

2. Masjid al-Aqsa, Jerusalem (Palestine)

Masjid Al-Aqsa, Jerusalem (Palestine)
Masjid al-Aqsa, Jerusalem (Palestine)
Image: Godot13

Masjid al-Aqsa or Bait al-Muqaddas, the first Qiblah of Muslims, was constructed forty years after the construction of Masjid al-Haram.

3. Masjid al-Quba, Medina (Saudi Arabia)

Masjid Al-Quba, Medina (Saudi Arabia)
Masjid al-Quba, Medina (Saudi Arabia)
Image: Abdelrhman Habashy

Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) laid the foundation of Masjid al-Quba when he first reached Medina, in the year 622 CE.

4. Masjid an-Nabwi, Medina (Saudi Arabia)

Masjid an-Nabwi, Medina (Saudi Arabia)
Masjid an-Nabwi, Medina (Saudi Arabia)
Image: SeekQuran

Masjid an-Nabwi was built by Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) in Medina in the year 622 CE, few months after Masjid al-Quba.

5. Masjid al-Qiblatain, Medina (Saudi Arabia)

Masjid al-Qiblatain, Medina (Saudi Arabia)
Masjid al-Qiblatain, Medina (Saudi Arabia)
Image: Muhammad Mahdi Karim

Masjid al-Qiblatain (Masjid of the two Qiblahs) was built in the year 623 CE. This is where Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) received the Revelation to change the direction of prayer (Qiblah) from Jerusalem to Mecca.

6. Huaisheng Masjid, Guangzhou (China)

Huaisheng Masjid, Guangzhou (china)
Huaisheng Masjid, Guangzhou (china)
Image: EastAsia

Huaisheng Masjid was built around 627 CE by Hz Sa’ad ibn Abi Waqas (RA), an uncle of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH). He was part of the first Muslim envoy to China sent in the 620s.

7. Jawatha Masjid, al-Ahasa (Saudi Arabia)

Jawatha Masjid, Al-Ahasa (Saudi Arabia)
Jawatha Masjid, al-Ahasa (Saudi Arabia)
Image: Almrsal

Jawatha Masjid in al-Kilabiyah village of al-Ahasa was built in the year 628 CE by the tribe of Abd al-Qais. It has since been renovated many times.

8. Cheraman Juma Masjid, Kerala (India)

Cheraman Juma Masjid, Kerala (India)
Cheraman Juma Masjid, Kerala (India)
Image: നിരക്ഷരൻ

Cheraman Juma Masjid, built in 629 CE, was the first masjid in India. It was built by Hz Malik Dinar (RA) in memory of the noble Chera King Cheraman Perumal.

9. Palaiya Juma Palli Masjid, Kilakarai (India)

Palaiya Jumma Palli Masjid, Kilakarai (India)
Palaiya Juma Palli Masjid, Kilakarai (India)
Image: Kilakarai

Palaiya Juma Palli Masjid is located in Kilakarai, a town in the South Indian state of Tamil Nadu. It was constructed by Yemeni merchants as per the orders of Bazan ibn Sasan, the Governor of Yemen, in 630 CE.

10. The Masjid of Uqba, Kairouan (Tunisia)

Uqba Masjid, Kairouan (Tunisia)
Uqba Masjid, Kairouan (Tunisia)

The Great Masjid of Kairouan, or the Uqba Masjid, was established by the great General Hz Uqba ibn Nafi (RA) in the year 670 CE.

11. Umayyad Masjid, Damascus (Syria)

Minaret and courtyard of Umayad Masjid, Damascus (Syria)
Umayyad Masjid, Damascus (Syria)
Image: american_rugbier

Caliph al-Walid I commissioned the construction of Umayyad Masjid in the year 706 CE, and it was completed in 715 CE, shortly after the death of Caliph al-Walid I.

12. The Great Masjid of Aleppo, Aleppo (Syria)

Great Masjid of Aleppo, Aleppo (Syria)
Great Masjid of Aleppo, Aleppo (Syria)
Image: yeowatzup

The Great Masjid of Aleppo was built by Caliph Suleyman ibn Abd al-Malik in 717 CE, following the successful construction of Umayyad Masjid, Damascus. Sadly, the minaret of this beautiful masjid has been destroyed recently during the Syrian Civil War, and as of now, the masjid is no longer in use.

13. al-Zaytuna Masjid, Tunis (Tunisia)

Minaret of Al-Zaytuna Masjid, Tunis (Tunisia)
al-Zaytuna Masjid, Tunis (Tunisia)
Image: Citizen59

al-Zaytuna Masjid was built in the year 732 CE by the liberator of Tunis, Hassan ibn Nu’man (RA).

14. The Great Masjid of Xian, Xian (China)

Xian Masjid, Xian (China)
The Masjid of Xian, Xian (China)
Image: Dennis

The Great Masjid of Xian was built in the year 742 CE, during the rule of Tang dynasty. It served as the religious center of Arab merchants and traders based in China.

15. Koutoubia Masjid, Marrakech (Morocco)

Koutoubia Masjid, Marrakech (Morocco)
Koutoubia Masjid, Marrakech (Morocco)
Image: Stuart Pinfold

Construction of Koutoubia Masjid began somewhere around 1150 CE. It was completed during the reign of Sultan Yacoub el-Mansour (1184-99).

16. Djenne Masjid, Djenne (Mali)

Djenne Masjid, Djenne (Mali)
Djenne Masjid, Djenne (Mali)
Image: mauro gambini

Djenne Masjid, the largest mud-structure building in the world, was initially built in 13th century. It is said that Sultan Koi Kunboro, a popular ruler, embraced Islam and transformed his own palace into a masjid.

That brings us to the end of this post. Need more? Check out some other posts about masjids around the world.


  1. The second masjid in Islam was actually Beit Al-Arqam.In the month of Shabaan of the ninth year of the Prophet’s mission,he was cast out of the Banu Hashim,his clan,by the sheikh of the clan at the time,his uncle Al-Abbas.Abu Bakr was also cast out by his clan at the same time.As was ordained by the Sunna of Quraysh, they had to take refuge in Ghar Hiraa and negotiate their return to Mecca under the protection of some of its leading men.The Quran refers to this cicumstance in Ayah 9.40:<> After negotiations which extended over a month’s time ,the Prophet and Abu Bakr were admitted back into Mecca.Upon arrival,the Prophet discovered that his cousin,Uqayl,son of Al-Abbas had confiscated his house.Shocking as this behavior of Uqayl must have seemed almost to every body ,yet it was allowed by the Sunna of Quraysh.So the Prophet had no choice but to buy a new house.This was called Beit Al-Arqm.One of the conditions for readmitting the Prophet and Abu Bakr back into Mecca was that the Muslims would not pray in the Haram.So they would all pray in the new house of the Prophet,which is Beit Al-Arqam.So technically,Beit Al-Arqam would be the second masjid in Islam.But ,of course ,although it played the role of a masjid part of the time,it was not properly a masjid.The second ,realistically speaking ,is the Prophet’s masjid which he built upon his arrival in Medina in his Hijra.Al Msjid Al-Aqsa was not built until the Umayyad period.

    1. I don’t agree with you regarding Masjid al-Aqsa as I believe Masjid al-Aqsa was present during the life of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH)… I can give you many ahadith in reference for that.. And more importantly, on the night of ascent of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) firstly he was taken to Masjid al-Aqsa and then to the heavens.
      And secondly, the first Masjid that was constructed in Medina wasn’t Masjid al-Nabwi it was built after Masjid al-Quba.

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