11 Reasons Why Muslims Should Travel

I take off at every opportunity I can, be it with family, friends or alone, exploring, photographing and documenting interesting stuff in exotic destinations and taking the odd selfie to make friends jealous along the way (actually I rarely go


Why I Admire Muhammad: Answering Islamophobes

Islamophobes have attacked me because I’ve written positively about Muhammad (PBUH), the Prophet of Islam. Because I am a Catholic, they consider me to be a heretic and feel that my interfaith activities are sacrilegious. Islam, to these critics, is

5 Examples of Supreme Muslim Tolerance

As we see the images of burning embassies and burnt flags unfolding across the Muslim world, it is easy for non-Muslims (and some Muslims too) to jump to the conclusion that there is an inherent lack of tolerance amongst “religious”


The Myth Called “Clash of Civilizations”

The end of the Cold War did not spark the ‘end of history’ as American historian Francis Fukuyama famously stated, but according to Samuel Huntington it triggered a so-called ‘clash of civilizations’ between the Western and Islamic worlds. It is


On The Night Journey And The Ascension

“Prophet of Allah,” she pleaded, grabbing him by his cloak, “Tell not the people this, for they will give thee the lie and insult thee!” But he wanted to tell them — the Apostle of Allah (peace be upon him)


My Journey Towards Islam

It was a mild autumn night. The library had closed, forcing me to forsake the pile of books I had been devouring and walk back to my Brooklyn apartment. The asphalt and trees glistened in the warm artificial light. I

pamela geller

Pam Geller Has No Right To Mock Our Prophet

How would you react if you came to learn Western Muslim leaders had stated, “We don’t support the views of the Ku Klux Klan, but we defend their right to walk down the streets of Baltimore and yell the “N”


Sowing in Rajab To Reap in Ramadan

We are already in the month of Rajab. Rajab has been honoured in the Quran as one of the four sacred months. When this month came, the Prophet (PBUH) used to make a special du’a, “Allahumma barik la naa fee Rajabi

Contemplate poetry

Contemplate Before It’s Too Late

The souls of the oppressed cry in vain Heartbroken: as our brothers and sisters are being mercilessly slain. The enemy has attacked over and over again, While we just watch and shake our heads in disdain. *** Do our hearts


Inspiring Muslim Women: Fatima al-Fihr

Have you ever asked someone to name inspirational people, dead or alive? You’ll probably get names like Martin Luther King, Neil Armstrong, Tariq Ramadan, etc. I mean, We can’t deny that these and so many other men have done amazing

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