A Cry of Truth Suppressed: A Poem for Aleppo

Free Syrian Army soldier walking among rubble in Aleppo

A cry of truth suppressed,
Is heard without being expressed.
Blood red hues of lost humanity
Pierce human consciousness and sanity.

The lava of hatred and deception
Erupting from the volcano of grave injustice,
Misuse of power over the defenseless
Is an epitome of cowardice.

Sky breaking apart, buildings crumbling to dust,
Evil once done, retaliates with a ghasty gust.
The day of Judgment will bring Eternal Justice,
Patience, dear Suffering Soul! Allah’s Help is near.

The wailing infants, thunderstriking grief,
Loss of loved ones, chopping off of all relief.
All ache will be forgotten, at the Heavenly bower,
Our Prayers are with you, every second, every hour.

Featured Image: VOA | Wikimedia Commons