The Holy Month of Ramadan

Blessed breeze of Ramadan,
Enriched, uplifted level of Iman.
Hearts lightened up with Allah’s love,
Rahmah rains from the Heaven above.

With fresh, golden goodness let’s fill our carts,
And add a shimmer to our bruised hearts.
Let’s break free from worldly shackles,
And prevent the empty mind’s crackles.

Nearness to Allah has added a spark,
That is guiding the noble souls against the dark.
The faces of fasting Muslims, illumined like new moon,
The beauty of Suhur and Iftar has removed all gloom.

May Allah accept our noble prayers,
And guide us to Jannah, the blessed abode.
May we embrace the noble guidance of Islam,
And with crystal clear hearts, obey Ar-Rahman.

Featured Image: Faisal Masjid, Islamabad | Wikimedia Commons

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Anam Fatima

Anam Fatima is currently pursuing her Postgraduation from University of Delhi. She has authored three poetry collections and has a keen interest in writing poems, blog pieces, book reviews, etc. She aspires to expand her knowledge and make it beneficial in both Dunya and Aakhirah and balance the two worlds in the best way possible.

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