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Seeking Happiness: A Guide For Muslims

Every human being has the right to be happy and each one of us tries our best to seek happiness. Happiness is when you are mentally, emotionally and physically stable. Happiness is characterized by positive or pleasant emotions ranging from contentment to intense joy and pleasure.

Each person has different reasons and ways of achieving happiness. As Muslims, it is obvious that our happiness lies in following the Path that Allah has laid down for us in The Quran. 

Seeking Happiness: A Guide For Muslims

Allah SWT wants nothing but the best for us. Thus, happiness can only be attained if we follow the Word of Allah. If we seek happiness by worldly means, it will only be temporary, fake, and false.

So, how can we be truly and genuinely happy?

Seek the Mercy of Allah

The major obstacle or barrier to happiness is that we do everything to please others. We expect and crave for the approval of others. This leads to stress and disappointment. This is the major problem that keeps us away form joy and happiness. Muslims should learn to please Allah and seek His Mercy. This is what matters.

The Quran 26:09 says:

And indeed, your Lord: He is the Exalted in Might, the Merciful.

Thus, rather than seeking the approval of others, we should seek the Approval and Mercy of Allah Alone. Only then can we truly lead a happy life.

Be Grateful

Be grateful! The more grateful we are for the things we have, the more Allah will shower His Blessings upon us. We should never forget to thank Allah for all that He has given us. It is also worth noting that being grateful to Allah is a form of worship as well.

Be Good

Being kind to the people of the world and performing good deeds is a certain way towards happiness. Kindness can help in removing stress, anxiety and worry. If one is kind, he or she can hope to attain a reward for his or her sincerity and joyfulness from Allah.

Likewise, the importance of charity cannot be ignored. Allah loves those who give charity, be it big or small. Also, charity does not always have to be financial — a kind word, a smile, a sincere greeting, everything counts as charity. Allah is watching everything and everyone; He will definitely reward the kind and pious souls.

Avoid Comparisons

Do not compare yourself with others in society. Plus, do not be jealous of wealthy and affluent people. Remember, there will always be others more successful and wealthier than you. But that does not mean you indulge in comparisons unnecessarily. bear in mind that there are many who are less fortunate than you.

More importantly, always remember that success and stature is not measured in terms of worldly wealth, money, fame and power. Instead, it is the piety and righteousness that counts.


Whenever you think you aren’t happy, pray! Also, whenever you find yourself happy, pray!

Expect nothing from the people of the world. However, expect and pray to Allah for His Blessings. If you need a given thing, be it success in an exam or a job, do your part well, and then pray to Allah, rather than requesting others for favors.

This world is Allah’s creation and He has Power over all. Usually we expect a lot from other fellow human beings who are just as imperfect as we are. However, it will be better to pray to Allah, the Creator of the entire Universe. Ask from Allah and be happy with what He provides you. Set expectations from Him; surely He will fulfill all of those, or give you something even better, and your stress will remain away.


Lastly, and most important, if you really want to lead a good, prosperous and happy life, then read as much as you can. Read the ultimate source of guidance for mankind: The Quran, because it has the answers to all of your questions. Work on physical fitness, stay healthy and wise, maintain a balance between spiritual, physical and mental life.

Keep the company of learned people. If you cannot do that, read the works of scholars. Try to recite and understand the Quran daily. Smile always, because smile is charity and charity purifies wealth and attracts more.

Last but not the least, always remind yourself that as Muslims, we can fight stress while at the same time be happy. Remember the example of our Prophet Muhammad (PBUH), who faced so many trials and troubles, yet managed to remain happy and kept smiling.

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Bushra Fatma

Bushra Fatma is a student of English Literature. She likes to read, draw, write and indulge in other creative endeavours.

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