The Slipping Sands of Time

The Exact Time He knows,
When we’ll meet.
Life is short for preparations,
With uncertain final decorations,
Like sand we slip through life’s watch glass,
Silently seeping with gradual movements.

With kohl of gratitude tears,
Mascara of modesty,
Lotion of honesty,
Let us deck ourselves,
In an attire of simplicity,
And forget the worldly woes,
Moving towards the Hereafter.

Pin up the flowing locks,
And lock all worldly locks,
The breeze summons the stony roads,
To move on to the horizon,
And sprinkle the scent of goodness.
Leaves fall like fountains in spring,
Blurred is life’s dusk.

Each day opens a new page,
Of an unknown tale,
Engraved in the rock of time,
Indecipherable script of life.
Let not the sand slip away,
With no time left for goodbyes,
Let us pray before being prayed upon,
Let us turn to Allah before returning to Him.

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Anam Fatima

Anam Fatima is currently pursuing her Postgraduation from University of Delhi. She has authored three poetry collections and has a keen interest in writing poems, blog pieces, book reviews, etc. She aspires to expand her knowledge and make it beneficial in both Dunya and Aakhirah and balance the two worlds in the best way possible.

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