The End is Near

The End is Near

Each soul with its share
Of felicity, melancholy and mirth
Is bound for a time,
Everlasting ain’t earthly life.

Like bubbles destined to burst,
Like pebbles destined to hurt.
Engaged in a test, each soul
Of health, wealth and relations.

Loss inevitable, gain too,
Following the Divine Command,
Like sun dazzling after dawn,
Like showers drizzling and gone.

Veiled at night, a day’s charm,
Of dead silence, fright,
Death driven nearer, shadowy spectacle,
Grabbing the soul in demand.

Like fire blazing, hunger of hearts,
Like monsters chasing, thunder of wars.
End all songs, strife and lives,
End is always near.

Live before your novel ends,
Love humanity before you die,
For the black cloud of grave with ashen taste,
Won’t spare those who break hearts.