The Throne Verse

The Throne Verse

Listen, O believing women and men
Listen, O Ummah of beloved Muhammad ﷺ
Allah has granted us a precious gem
Which is the panacea of all dismay and ill-omen.

Remember, O believers
It is ayah 255th of Surah al-Baqarah
Allah has honoured it as the “Throne Verse” of The Holy Quran
Renowned as Ayat al-Kursi
O believers, it is the “Throne Verse” of the Holy Quran.

Recite it from dawn till dusk
From noon till night
It will embrace you like a breeze of protection,
A gentle breeze coming from the giant wings of angels.

Recite it, O believers
After every obligatory prayers
You will be granted Paradise
Surely, you will be granted Paradise.

Recite it, O Momin and Mominah
It is a protection from the catastrophes of life.

On nights when you are forlorn
It will be a shield to defend you
From the ills and mischiefs of Shaitan
A sword to swedge the peril.

Don’t be afraid, O Ummah of Muhammad ﷺ
The bestowed gift of Allah is there to fortify you
So fear not, O Momin and Mominah!

Recite it when you wake up
And you will be shielded until you sleep
Recite it while going for slumber
You will be sheltered until you’re awake.

Recite it for your sake
And for the sake of your loved ones and your beloved ones.

Listen, O dear Ummah of Muhammad ﷺ
Shaitan is forbidden in those dwellings
Where tongues move in recitation of Ayat al-Kursi.

Recite it, Recite it
O believers, O believers
It will dwindle the pain of death.

When you recite it
Angels will be your escorts
Think of the delight
Angels from Paradise
Protecting you and helping you
Wherever you are, wherever you go,
Whenever you need, whatever you desire.

It is a blessing bestowed on us
By the Creator and Commander of the universe
The Creator and Commander of the heavens.
It’s a prequisite prezzie by Allah, our Lord
For the Ummah of the most beloved Prophet.

SubhanAllah, SubhanAllah
La ilaha illallah, La ilaha illallah
A hail so pleasant to hear
In praise of Allah
The only lord to be worshipped
With no parallel, nor equal.

O Momin, O Mominah,
The “Throne Verse” was revealed to our beloved Prophet Muhammad ﷺ
In a salubrious night in Madinah
It is a verse in praise of Allah,
Reminds us of the benevolence, supremacy and divinity of Allah
A victory against polytheism
A celebration of monotheism
An advent of Islam
A speech of Allah
A weapon against evil and their eyes.

Listen, O ummah of prophet Mohammad ﷺ

Do not go astray
Cling to the words of the Holy Quran
They are the words of Allah the Magnificent,
Do not go astray, O believers
You are the best and the blessed among mankind.

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Uzma Khan

Uzma Khan is an English Honours student based in India. She is an enthusiastic writer who loves to share her ideas and thoughts with the world. As an avid learner, Uzma is striving to gain knowledge, both worldly as well as Islamic.

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