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The Rights of Parents in Islam

Learning About the Rights of Parents in Islam

When we are asked about the people who took care of us and nurtured us the most, we instantly think of our parents. They are the ones who helped us when we were weak and patiently taught us everything. Needless

Sorry Sadness, I'm a Muslim!

Sorry Sadness, I’m a Muslim!

The weight of sadness may drown you down Rise O believing soul, for Allah is always near! Sadness is not just an expression but a gradually growing and familiar feeling of our times. Every individual is struggling with his/her own

Hijab: A Soothing Shade of Faith

Modesty is a virtue that we humans have been endowed with. The purpose of Hijab is to safeguard modesty. Hijab acts as a sign of submission to Allah, reminding ourselves of His infinite Blessings and Mercy. Islam equally ordains both

Seeking Happiness: A Guide For Muslims

Every human being has the right to be happy and each one of us tries our best to seek happiness. Happiness is when you are mentally, emotionally and physically stable. Happiness is characterized by positive or pleasant emotions ranging from

how to increase your faith

10 Ways To Enhance And Increase Your Faith

Faith is dynamic. It cannot stay in one state, and has to be frequently recharged and maintained through regular prayers, recitations and understanding of the Holy Quran. Plus, we should always strive to avoid wrong and sinful deeds. So, what


5 Major Health Benefits of Ramadan

Ramadan, the month of Blessings, is here again. This is the month where Muslims are prescribed to fast from dawn to dusk. The blessings and benefits of Ramadan are too many to be counted. The main reason that Muslims fast is


Say: “Allah is Enough For Us”

While my heart recited the verse: “And if they turn away, say: Allah is enough for me, there is no god but He; in Him do I place my trust, for He is the Lord of the Mighty Throne.” My

Women in Islam: Oppressed or Liberated?

Many opponents and critics of Islam, due to their bias or ill-informed knowledge, claim that Islam oppresses women, and denies them their due rights. Many such “scholars” wrongfully claim that Islam treats women differently or unjustly, or unequally. The media too


Remembering The Rights of Our Neighbors

Other than our family members and relatives, the closest people to us are our neighbors. As such, upholding and respecting the rights of our neighbors is one of the most important obligations and duties for Muslims. Generally, we are mindful of the

no racism

No Racism in Islam: “The Believers Are But Brothers”

The believers are but brothers, so make peace with your brothers. And fear Allah so that you may receive Mercy. The Quran 49:10 (Surah al-Hujurat) Racism is an old issue, yet it is still prevalent in our society today. With the exception of