The Voyage Home


For too long, we have been adrift on the open sea.
Far, far away from home.
Unprepared, we are humiliated by these storms.
Our small boat, sails broken, a victim to the winds

Cross currents, too strong for our thin arms.
Waves, soaring higher than our humble hope.
Our heads, bowed even before defeat.
Our damning eyes, avoiding one another’s
Our souls, as wild and sometimes as lonely as the open sea.

Let us cease to curse nature.
Abusing our lips, with one another’s names.
Let us mend this broken boat,
this broken sail,
this broken soul.

Let us harness the wind.
Make use of the currents.
With faith and sweat, set sail to our land of the Quran and Sunnah.
Amidst this storm, let us begin the voyage home.

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  1. This is a beautiful allegory of the Umma as a ship.But it was not the storms which tamed our ship.It was the Pirates and the treachery of the captain and the officers of the ship who were supposed to rally the Umma to repulse the Pirates and drive them away permanently.Instead,they joined the Pirates and served as their murderous enforcers in the oppression of the Umma.They turned our free,sovereign,and indomitable ship into a ship of provisions for the Pirates.But after the initial shock and subsequent trauma,the Umma is now waking up.It will throw the traiters over board,take hold of the ship and then sail triumphantly home to the Quran and the Sunna.

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