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The Promises of Allah to Humankind

In Islam, belief in Oneness of Allah is of vital essence. Allah has created a unique life form – humankind, with astoundingly unique gifts and abilities unlike any other; a soul and conscience and freewill. Humans are creatures naturally disposed to worship Allah.

That said, Allah has also made certain specific and unwaivering promises to His creation.

In this post, we have presented the four Promises of Allah SWT in the light of the Quran.

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Dawah with Manners

When someone asked Kirk Douglas (d.2020) which was his most memorable Thanksgiving Dinner, Kirk Douglas said Thanksgiving Dinner 1982 with the Afghan Mujahideen. He said that while they were having dinner, he told the Mujahideen that Thanksgiving was a special day in the USA - a day when we thank God for all that He has given us. The Mujahideen replied that here we thank God everyday for all that He has given us.
Kirk Douglas was speechless, and continued eating his dinner quietly thereafter.
On this day, 90 years ago, Sheikh Omar Mukhtar, 73, was martyred by Italian colonial forces.

Shaheed Mukhtar was the leader of the Libyan resistance against Italian colonialism for 20 years, until his execution on September 16, 1931.

When two Italian soldiers were caught by his group, the Libyans wanted to execute them. Omar stepped forward to protect the Italian prisoners and said, "We do not kill prisoners."
A fellow warrior argued in protest, "But they kill us", to which Omar replied with these historic words: "They are not our teachers!"
On this day (2nd October, 1187), Sultan Salahuddin Ayyubi, commonly known as 'Saladin' in the West captured and liberated Jerusalem.

"Tell your people, Salah al-Din has promised, that we shall not treat you, as your forbearers treated us when they first took this city. As a child I was told of what Godfrey and Tancredo did to our people. But we are not like them! Your people shall be unharmed and will have safe passage to their lands."

We at Muslim Memo pay our respects to the memory of this great and lofty monarch, renowned for his justice and piety throughout the world.
On this day (3rd November, 1618), 400+ years ago, Prince Muhi-ud-Din Muhammad, the future Great Mughal Emperor Aurangzeb Alamgir, was born in the city of Dahod, situated in the state of Gujarat, India.

We at Muslim Memo pay our respects to the memory of this great and pious monarch.
Surah al-A'la (Arabic: الأعلى‎) is the 87th Surah of The Quran.
The English meaning of al-A'la is "The Most High", or "The All Highest". It is composed of 19 Ayah (verses).
The main theme of Surah al-A'la is that it reminds us that Allah knows all. There is nothing that can be hidden or kept in secrecy from Him. Allah is the Ultimate Authority over everything that is seen or unseen.
Allama Muhammad Iqbal, the renowned Muslim poet, philosopher, and thinker from South Asia, was born this day on November 9, 1877.

Allama Iqbal was a strong proponent of the political and spiritual revival of Islamic civilisation. The six lectures he delivered at Madras (now Chennai), Hyderabad, and Aligarh in 1928-29 were published as The Reconstruction of Religious Thought in Islam in 1934.
On this day (19 November, 636 CE), forces led by Hz Sa'd ibn Abi Waqas defeated the Sassanid Empire.

This was the first step towards the liberation of Persia under Caliph Umar ibn al-Khattab RA.
On this day (20th November, 1750), Tipu Sultan, also known as the "Tiger of Mysore", was born at Devanahalli, in present-day Bangalore, India.

He is best known as the Muslim ruler of the State of Mysore who devastated and delayed British supremacy in India, almost single-handedly, through his prolonged resistance to their rule in the late 18th century.