Quranic Dua Surah al-Anbiya ayah 87

10 Amazing Dua From The Quran

Dua is one of the simplest ways of establishing connection with Allah and seeking His Blessings.

There are several Dua from The Quran that we can use to make our faith stronger; many such Quranic Dua are ones that were used by great Prophets when they prayed to Allah.

In this post, we have put together 10 beautiful, simple, and easy to memorize Dua from The Quran, created as part of our sister site, Quranic Quotes. Each Dua in Arabic follows its English translation.  Furthermore, there is also a special eBook containing 25 such Dua from the Quran for you to download free of cost. 

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Topkapi Quran Manuscript

10 Oldest Manuscripts of The Quran

Allah said in Surah al-Hijr, Ayah 09:

Indeed, it is We who sent down the Quran and indeed, We will be its Guardian.

And undoubtedly, the present-day Quran is same as the Quran which was revealed to Prophet Muhammad (PBUH). In this post, we take a look at some of the oldest manuscripts of the Quran, including ones that date back to the days of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) and the Rightly-Guided Caliphs. Continue reading “10 Oldest Manuscripts of The Quran”

Jama Masjid, Delhi (India)

20 Amazing Masjids Built During The Mughal Empire

Mughal Empire was one of the most powerful entities of its days. At its peak, the Mughal Empire encompassed nearly the whole of South Asia, including majority of present-day India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, as well as certain parts of Afghanistan, among others.

The Mughals, however, were not just a politically powerful ruling class. Instead, the Empire saw great progress and growth in all spheres, including culture, social life, as well as artistic and architectural developments. After all, who can forget the Taj Mahal, which has become famous as the symbol of love?  Continue reading “20 Amazing Masjids Built During The Mughal Empire”

Umayyad Masjid, Damascus (Syria)

26 Amazing Masjid Ceilings

There are a number of masjids around the world with incredible architecture and striking beauty. The beauty of these masjids is captivating inside and out, but it is the mesmerizing detail in the ceilings of these architectural masterpieces that will truly amaze you.

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