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The Smile I Will Not Trade For Anything

Before the political conflict and civil war in Syria broke out, I visited the country two times. Friends from Egypt responded excitedly when they knew I was flying to Damascus. ‘It’s the most beautiful Arab country!’ they would say, with


Zakat: Wealth Tax Possibilities in Belgium?

One of the hottest political topics in Belgium at the moment is the possible introduction of a tax shift from labour to wealth. The Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development, or simply OECD, as well as the European Commission, are


“Draw Muhammad”: An Alternate Point of View

Turn on the TV in last few weeks and we are inundated Draw Muhammad news. First it is was the contest in Texas; then there was the attempt to place the drawing on Washington, D.C. Metro systems; now there is


Islamophobia in Mainstream Media

Islamophobia is the hatred, fear or prejudices towards Islam and Muslims. Were the people born with it? They obviously weren’t. I believe that Islamophobia is taught during one’s lifetime. It’s a bit like racism, nobody was born racist, but depending


The Myth Called “Clash of Civilizations”

The end of the Cold War did not spark the ‘end of history’ as American historian Francis Fukuyama famously stated, but according to Samuel Huntington it triggered a so-called ‘clash of civilizations’ between the Western and Islamic worlds. It is

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Pam Geller Has No Right To Mock Our Prophet

How would you react if you came to learn Western Muslim leaders had stated, “We don’t support the views of the Ku Klux Klan, but we defend their right to walk down the streets of Baltimore and yell the “N”