Sowing in Rajab To Reap in Ramadan

We are already in the month of Rajab. Rajab has been honoured in the Quran as one of the four sacred months. When this month came, the Prophet (PBUH) used to...

/ May 11, 2015
Contemplate poetry

Contemplate Before It’s Too Late

The souls of the oppressed cry in vain Heartbroken: as our brothers and sisters are being mercilessly slain. The enemy has attacked over and over again, While we just watch...

/ May 10, 2015

Inspiring Muslim Women: Fatima al-Fihr

Have you ever asked someone to name inspirational people, dead or alive? You’ll probably get names like Martin Luther King, Neil Armstrong, Tariq Ramadan, etc. I mean, We can’t deny...

/ May 9, 2015